High Speed Rail in Louisiana

What would 220 mph high speed rail look like in Louisiana and the region? Imagine travel times from New Orleans to Baton Rouge of 30 minutes, New Orleans to Shreveport of 1-1/2 hours, Shreveport to Dallas of 1-1/4 hours, New Orleans to Houston of 2 hours, and Atlanta, Orlando, and Dallas all 3 hours away from New Orleans. Some dismiss talk of high speed rail as a pie-in-the-sky dream – but remember that California is building it now. The Florida East Coast Railway is also building a $2 billion passenger rail system between Miami and Orlando that will make the run in 3 hours (an 80 mph average speed), and there is very serious talk of a $10 billion investment in 200 mph trains from Dallas to Houston that will make the run in 1-1/4 hours. How many trips on our dangerous and crowded Interstate Highways could instead be carried on a safe high speed train? How many short distance flights could be diverted to high speed trains, freeing up space at airports and allowing the airlines to focus on more lucrative long distance routes? How many lives could be saved because of the superior safety of rail over the other modes (especially highways)? What kind of serious economic impact could high speed rail have on our region? What can our elected officials do to help facilitate the construction of high speed rail?