Our Objectives

LARP’s objectives include instituting the following new routes and/or services:

* Resume overnight Amtrak service New Orleans to Orlando daily
* Increase frequency of Amtrak’s Sunset Limited New Orleans to Los Angeles to daily and reroute through Phoenix
* Initiate a Thruway (Amtrak) bus from Baton Rouge to Hammond (connect to City of New Orleans) and Slidell (Crescent)
* Extend Amtrak Crescent overnight New Orleans to Houston
* Expand Amtrak Crescent overnight Meridian-Jackson-Shreveport-Dallas/Ft. Worth
* Establish high speed rail Houston-Baton Rouge-New Orleans and New Orleans-Birmingham-Atlanta
* Open daytime Amtrak route Ft. Worth-Dallas-Shreveport-Baton Rouge-New Orleans (connect to Florida)
* New Amtrak run New Orleans-Mobile-Birmingham-Nashville-Louisville-Cincinnati
* Begin Amtrak service New Orleans-Hattiesburg-Birmingham-Chattanooga-Knoxville-Bristol-Washington-New York
* Start Amtrak operation Kansas City-Shreveport-Baton Rouge-New Orleans with connection to Beaumont and Houston
* Build light rail transit from downtown New Orleans to the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport