U.S. Supreme Court Says Amtrak Must Maintain Louisiana to Florida Train?

In the opinion of recent Supreme Court decision (USDOT v. Assoc of American Railroads) about whether Amtrak has the authority to impose regulations upon the railroads concerning on time performance, the decision states, “Amtrak must maintain a route between Louisiana and Florida,” and then they go on to cite the law 24101(c)(6). However, the only problem is the law they are citing from the PRIIA Act of 2008 doesn’t say anything about New Orleans to Florida. This particular section cited in the decision instead says, “Implement schedules based on a systemwide average of at least 60 miles an hour that can be achieved with a degree of reliability and passenger comfort.” It would be great if Amtrak was ordered by the Supreme Court to run a train from Louisiana to Florida, but the reality is probably a clerk writing up the opinion got it wrong. What PRIIA did say was that Amtrak was required to plan to run the train, and Amtrak submitted that plan in 2009 that gave three options for running the train.